LEVONNE GADDY, writer, artist, “world citizen”, is a native North Carolinian and graduated North Carolina Central University and University of California Los Angeles. She authored four books, numerous newspaper articles, and blogs.

Today, Levonne spends her time on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada and in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico. She resides with her partner of three decades and their two spaniels. She enjoys creating art, writing, exploring the science of consciousness, and preparing plant-based meals.

During the 1980’s in Los Angeles, Levonne brought together mixed-race people and families to build a social support network that remains vibrant and relevant today; Multiracial Americans of Southern California (MASC). During the 1980’s, as a “multiracial” expert, she made regular appearances on national television and radio shows (including the Phil Donahue Show), and was interviewed by national and international news outlets (including the Washington Post, New York Times and Télérama Magazine of France). In 1999, Levonne testified before the United States Congress to advocate for the acknowledgment of individuals with more than one racial heritage on government census forms.